Student Performances

I just added a new recording under the student performances heading.  Hopefully as we get ready for the recital on Nov. 12 there will be more great performances to share.  I will not be using student’s names to identify the performers, just the titles of the pieces.  So if you are looking for a specific recording, as the performer what their piece was.

Practice Pays

In October, Brunner Studios ran a practice contest.  Students with perfect practice would get a gift bag.  As it turns out I had 2 students with all gold practice star for the month and 5 that tied for a 3rd place prize.  Since I only had 3 gift bags, I added up the total minutes of the students that were tied for 3rd place and awarded the gift bag to the student who had the most minutes. 

1024 014

In addition to Frank here, there was a ghost and a pumpkin.  The gift bags included pencils, note pads, stickers, notebooks and Halloween socks. 

Congrats students on the consistent practice!

The Gift of Music

This fall and winter Brunner Studios will be offering gift certificates for piano, voice and oboe lessons.  The gift of music is a wonderful holiday gift for the aspiring musician of any age.  Availability for new and existing students.

Gift certificates will be available in monthly increments and must be presented at the first lesson. 

Contact Brunner Studios for more information and to purchase certificates for the holiday season. 

BOO to You

Between the Gershwin and Schubert things have been hopping around here.  This week Max, my mom’s dog is visiting.  So I’ll just pop in for a minute. 


This is the last full week of October.  In the studio this month we have been having a practice contest.  I made up some goodie bags that look like this:


1024 014

Well, the other 2 are a ghost and a pumpkin.  So the 3 students with the best practice records for the month of October will receive a prize.  Currently 2 students have perfect practice with 4 students tied for 3rd place based on the sticker chart.  If there is a tie on the chart, I will add of the actual minutes the students practiced so that the prize is fairly rewarded. 

Why Christmas Is Later This Year

Well, that probably got your attention.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Christmas is still on December 25.  However, there is good news as well.  This year Brunner Studios will not be having the traditional December recital.  This means we don’t have to start practicing Christmas music in September and October.  Should I back this plan up and explain a little?

The past few years the winter recitals have taken place in December.  That means that high school students were starting Christmas arrangements in September and October.  Why so early?  No one wants to play music significantly easier than their standard repertoire at a big recital.  Also, you have to account for fall break, Columbus Day, Halloween,  Thanksgiving and any other number of random breaks and holidays that the school system might decide to throw your way. 

Then after all that hard work,  you start getting the emails and phone calls.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Susie won’t be able to play at the recital.  That day is Great-Aunt Gertrude’s annual cookie swap.  Now, no offense to anyone’s Great-Aunt Gertrude, but these students work hard and I hate to have them miss a big recital. 

So to save myself a spike in blood pressure, and the kids a lot of what they will see as wasted effort, we are having the recital on Nov. 12.  Standard piano repertoire with a few fall pieces and *poof* one fall recital. 

The students will get their Christmas books at their next lesson and begin playing season appropriate music.  We might try to go and play at a local nursing home or arrange for a carol sing at a church, but those are come and go events. 

So see Christmas is arriving later this year.  Well, the music is anyway.

Meet Schubert and Gershwin

This an been an exciting week here at the house.  We had been looking off and on for a second dog.  This week, we took the plunge.  First, meet Schubert.

210 025  121 0099-15 012  Schubert has been a member of the family for about 2.5 years now.  He will be celebrating his 3rd birthday in November.  He is half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu.  No designer dogs for us.  We call this a mutt.  He’s a little on the neurotic side.  Schubert likes to play the piano and can tell time.

IMG00240-20111011-1322Now this little fella here is Gershwin.  He is 6 months old and is making me realize just how neurotic Schubert really is.  He’s kind of fast so getting good pictures is a little bit of a challenge.  Today he learned to fetch.  Gershwin has had 2 great nights in his crate.  Gershwin is also half Bichon Frise and half Shih Tzu. 

Schubert is supposed to be as white as Gershwin but is forever getting dirty out in the yard.  Just pretend that he’s white in those pictures. 

Pianos are Germ Magnets

Well, I didn’t pick up my latest cold from a student but students are already bringing their fall and winter colds to lessons with them.  So just a few reminder on keeping everyone healthy in the studio.


1.  If the student has run a fever or vomited within the last 24 hours, do not come to lessons. 


2.  If the student has been sick with a cold or sinus infection or any other affliction, please let me know.  I try to keep the piano disinfected on a regular basis but can take extra time if someone has the sniffles. 


3.   If the student has started antibiotics for something like strep.  Please make sure it has been 24 hours.  Otherwise, stay home. 


We all hate to miss lessons, but I really don’t want the latest cold and the student after you probably doesn’t want it either.  So be considerate.