Off With the Germs

We have moved on from battling the winter colds and flu. It’s now doing a very wet and cold impersonation of spring here in Charlotte. 75 one day and 36 the next. The temperature swing are causing havoc. So it’s off to allergies and spring colds. How do we keep everyone well? Pianos are germ factories.
If you’ve had a fever in the past 24 hours, stay home. I really don’t want your germs. The same goes for a stomach virus.
If your head is dripping snot come prepared with tissues. The studio usually has some but not always.
If you wipe your nose on your hand, it’s off to the bathroom to de-germ yourself.
If you use a tissue, have a shot of hand sanitizer.
If a student is showing symptoms of a cold, the piano will be disinfected after the lesson. Otherwise, it will be disinfected every few students.

When in doubt, email and ask if you think the student should come to lessons.

And Up We Go

It seems like there is a outbreak of new bookitis in the studio right now. Almost all of my piano students are finishing up levels and moving on to more difficult music. Many are headed into that dreaded intermediate area. It’s a tough step up from late elementary and I see some battles in the future. Other are moving into late intermediate and beginning to play serious repertoire. The beginners are cranking through those lesson books.

Maybe it’s because there is spring in the air here in Charlotte. It could be that spring break is around the corner and the end of the school year is in sight. Whatever it is, I’m thankful we aren’t stalling out here as we move towards the end of the school year.

As you begin to plan your summer keep in mind that summer is a great time for more flexible lessons. It’s also a wonderful time to begin learning to play in the piano. Teachers and students are more relax and time is a little more available. So if you are looking to begin lessons, contact Brunner Studios to schedule a trial lesson.

A Gold Star

Getting my students to write their practice down can be something of a challenge. The little guys not so much. The high schoolers, I’ve had teeth pulled with less effort. Today I am happy to report that everyone not only wrote their practice down, but met their requirements. Gold sparkly stars all around.