Virtual Lessons

Brunner Studios is continuing to offer virtual lessons and tutorials. This option looks a little different for every student based on their age, skill, and technological availability.

For example, if you or a family member are sick, we can do a video tutorial. The students sends video recordings of their pieces and the teacher sends back video or written comments plus the new assignments with video tutorials. This is good for students who have poor internet connection at their homes. There is no need to waste time with a poor FaceTime or WebEx connection. If you do have a good internet connection, we can do full WebEx lesson as needed. Many students have found that video tutorials with the occasional live help works better for them.

If you’re wondering why we use WebEx rather than Zoom, Mr. Wayne our tech support works for a company that is owned by Cisco. Let’s not bite the hand that feeds us, right?

It doesn’t matter if you live in Ennis, Bozeman, or Florida we can create a virtual lesson plan that will work for you.