Piano, Voice and Oboe Lessons for Adults

So often I hear adults say “I wish I hadn’t quit piano (fill in the blank for other lessons here) lessons when I was younger.”  I never hear adults expression gratitude for their parents letting them quit.  Sometimes an adult will say that they wish that they had gotten the chance to take music lessons.  My response is always  that it is never too late to start lessons. 


Why should adults go ahead and take the chance and take lessons?


Adults are going to pick up learning to read music more quickly than a young child.  Being more independent and able to reason through problem will keep the learning process moving at a steady pace.  It can take a young person several months to learn all of the notes on the musical staff.  A dedicated adult can learn the same information in just a few weeks.  This will allow more time to focus on learning to play with the proper technique. 


Adults are more apt to practice and focus as they are the ones paying the lesson bills.  You probably aren’t going to pay for something that you don’t enjoy or don’t spend time practicing.  If you go back to lessons after many years away, the desire to learn is there.  Mom and Dad aren’t making you take lessons and the initiative is yours.


Adult students are more active participants in picking out what music they would like to play.  Often adult students will come into lessons with a specific goal in mind.  They would like to learn to play or church or to play in a band.   Lessons can be tailored to fit your needs in these areas. 


So if you are thinking about beginning piano, voice or oboe lessons and you are an adult.  Go ahead and jump in. 


Brunner Studios offers flexible scheduling for adult students.  If you want lessons in the morning, during lunch, or after work, then there is a time on the schedule for you.

Schedule a Summer Recital

This weekend is Memorial Day.  The start of summer.  Many students around the country are already out of school and those who aren’t are counting the days.  As teachers we encourage our students to take summer lessons.  Try scheduling a summer patriotic recital to give your students a goal to work towards.  After those spring recitals we run the risk of losing focus.  A fun filled relaxed recital of patriotic music just about fits the bill.  Brunner Studios offers summer piano, voice and oboe lessons.


Here are a few ideas for your patriotic recital

1.  Picnic Style-  If you have the space, have everyone bring blankets and snacks.  Have the audience sit on the floor.  Encourage the families to sing along if they know the song.  Have your older students practice their accompanying and host a sing along.

2.  Red, White and Blue-  Have your students dress in their patriotic best.  Nothing like a theme to bring out that creativity.

3.  Duets and Trios-  If your students have time, let them learn a duet.  There are some great patriotic arrangements out there for 4 hands.


Enjoy your holiday week!

Prizes and Awards


It is that time of year again.  The school year is just about over and it is time to hand out those achievement awards.  Every year I struggle to find just the right balance between well-earned and well-deserved awards and recognition for students who didn’t accomplish a major feat but stuck it out another year. 


Certificates go a long way for many students.  Almost everyone completed a book this year or participated in a festival or concert.  So I’ll head to Lakeshore Learning www.lakeshorelearning.com and purchase a bunch of certificates and those nice shiny gold seals.  I’ll do certificates for book completion, festival participation, practice records, and attendance.  It does take a really long time to fill these out, but most of the time the kids are happy to receive them.


Composer Busts.  A few years ago my mom was at the Dollar Tree and they had black and gold composer busts for….you guessed it….a dollar.  She bought them out and I am still giving them away.  My students with perfect attendance and those who met a minimum number of practice minutes for the year will receive a bust. 


I am not giving these out at a program this year because I ran out of time and the kids are about concertized out.  So at their last lesson they will get their prizes.  It doesn’t take much to make most students happy so this is a way to end the year on a high notes and to motive the students to keep practice during their summer lessons.

Summer Lesson Special

Brunner Studios is now offering a special discount to new students on summer Piano, Voice and Oboe Lessons.  Schedule and Pre-Pay 4 Lessons and Receive 2 lesson for FREE!  This is a savings of over $50.

Summer Lessons offer flexible scheduling.  Students who take at least 4 summer lessons will receive priority registration for fall lesson times.


Contact Brunner Studios today!

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Piano, Voice and Oboe Lessons in Charlotte, NC

Summer is an exciting time to begin piano, voice or oboe lessons in Charlotte, NC.  Brunner Studios offers extreme flexibility in summer scheduling and standard lesson times during the school year. 


Why should you start piano , voice or oboe lessons in the summer?  Many people’s busy schedules slow down in the summer when the kids are out of school.  This gives the student, whether young or mature, the chance to be more focused and to get grounded in the basics before the more regimented school year starts back.  Back to school is difficult enough without starting a entirely new activity to boot. 


Students who take summer piano, voice or oboe lessons at Brunner Studios get priority registration for fall lesson times.  Schedules are tight during the school year, so start lessons now to get a jump on those prime-time slots. 


New piano, voice and lesson times available starting June 14 are as follows:

Mondays-  all day availability

Tuesday- 10:00- 1:00-  come to a lesson before hitting the pool in the afternoon

Wednesday- 5:15-8:30- have a lesson after a day of fun filled activities

Thursday- 10:00-2:00- take a break from the heat of the day

Friday- all day availability


Monday and Fridays are now available due to higher than anticipated demand for lessons.


Please contact Brunner Studios about setting up your lessons today!


A Few Fine Sounds

A few of my students have decided to let their out of town families member hear their recital pieces and we have put those up on the website under Student Performances.


With A Yo-Ho-Ho

Red Rock Rag

Folk Song Mix-Up

Festival Marrakesh

Monster Truck March

Saber Dance


These are our current selections.