Practice Pays

In October, Brunner Studios ran a practice contest.  Students with perfect practice would get a gift bag.  As it turns out I had 2 students with all gold practice star for the month and 5 that tied for a 3rd place prize.  Since I only had 3 gift bags, I added up the total minutes of the students that were tied for 3rd place and awarded the gift bag to the student who had the most minutes. 

1024 014

In addition to Frank here, there was a ghost and a pumpkin.  The gift bags included pencils, note pads, stickers, notebooks and Halloween socks. 

Congrats students on the consistent practice!

BOO to You

Between the Gershwin and Schubert things have been hopping around here.  This week Max, my mom’s dog is visiting.  So I’ll just pop in for a minute. 


This is the last full week of October.  In the studio this month we have been having a practice contest.  I made up some goodie bags that look like this:


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Well, the other 2 are a ghost and a pumpkin.  So the 3 students with the best practice records for the month of October will receive a prize.  Currently 2 students have perfect practice with 4 students tied for 3rd place based on the sticker chart.  If there is a tie on the chart, I will add of the actual minutes the students practiced so that the prize is fairly rewarded.