Schedule a Summer Recital

This weekend is Memorial Day.  The start of summer.  Many students around the country are already out of school and those who aren’t are counting the days.  As teachers we encourage our students to take summer lessons.  Try scheduling a summer patriotic recital to give your students a goal to work towards.  After those spring recitals we run the risk of losing focus.  A fun filled relaxed recital of patriotic music just about fits the bill.  Brunner Studios offers summer piano, voice and oboe lessons.


Here are a few ideas for your patriotic recital

1.  Picnic Style-  If you have the space, have everyone bring blankets and snacks.  Have the audience sit on the floor.  Encourage the families to sing along if they know the song.  Have your older students practice their accompanying and host a sing along.

2.  Red, White and Blue-  Have your students dress in their patriotic best.  Nothing like a theme to bring out that creativity.

3.  Duets and Trios-  If your students have time, let them learn a duet.  There are some great patriotic arrangements out there for 4 hands.


Enjoy your holiday week!

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