Organizational Project

As many of you know, I tend to be an organizational freak.  Keeping up with music can be a challenging task.  Occasionally, I loan music to students while waiting for their books to be ordered.  I’ve also noticed that students are forever ripping the covers off of their method and theory books.  That can create a problem if their name was written in the cover.  Next thing I know a student has left their music and I have no idea who to call to come and collect it.


These minor issues can be avoided by writing the owners name in 2 different places in the book.  I usually write my name on the first page that is attached to the spine of the book.  This way if the cover rips off the name is still in the front.  The second place is that I pick a page number that means something to me and write my name on that page also.  For example, my birthday is on the 23rd so I will write my name on page 23 also. 


Music books are expensive and some are hard to come by so keeping track of them starts with knowing who they belong to.  This is just a little project that could be undertaken to begin keeping your music more organized.  Well, this is only a little project if you don’t own 3 bookcases of music.  I may need a stamp with my name on it before this is over.

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