Ion Profile LP USB Turntable

I have been collecting classical records for years.  The idea is that when I have enough that I can create a boarder around my home music studio.  The disappointing thing was that I had no way to play these wonderful recordings.  Thanks to my family that is no longer a problem.  Various family members gave me birthday and Christmas money that I put towards the purchase of a turntable.


The Ion Profile LP USB Turntable fits the bill. 


The turntable comes with a USB port, USB cable and recording software.  By plugging the turntable into the computer and playing the records, the tracks are saved into iTunes format.  The quality level of the recordings is adjustable. 


I will now be able to share some of the great recordings by the famous artists of the past.  The equipment should pay for itself quite quickly.  I usually purchase tracks from either iTunes or  These tracks are between 89 and 99 cents each.  Records at thrift shops and charity stores are twenty-five cents to a dollar.


This is a nice piece of equipment to help me further the musical development and appreciation of my students.

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