It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

I have been neglecting the blog at bit the past few weeks.  Getting all of the students ready for the winter recitals and practicing accompanying music has been taking quite a bit of my time. 


Last Tuesday was our first day of Thanksgiving vacation and my birthday.   My students kept me entertained last week by guessing how old I was going to be.  I learned from this that they will guess approximately however old their parents are.  The good news for me is that all of those guess starting with 3 or 4 aren’t true quite yet. 


Since we were on break, I got out my many storage boxes of Christmas decorations and began getting into the festive spirit.  This year we have 5 Christmas trees.  I have obviously lost my mind.  So here are some pictures of what Ms. Heather accomplished over Thanksgiving break.  I did tweak some of them to give a more realistic hue than my poor point and shoot camera can offer.


1123 004           1123 010        1123 017         1123 021


These are pictures from my Victorian themed tree in the formal dining room.  The room is billiard green and just screamed for green, gold and mauve decorations.


 11232 003            11232 007 


The blue and white tree is in the master bedroom.  When I was small my mom made a beautiful white wreath with blue and silver trimmings.  I always said that when I got my own house, I would have an entire tree in this theme.  So the tree is decked out in white and blue lights with blue, silver and white trimmings.


1126 005       1128 015


This is the main tree in the family room.  This tree has all of the ornaments that Wayne and I collected growing up and the new ones that keep jumping into my shopping basket every year.  The tree topper is an old fashioned glassed bubble type thing.  My parents still have the one we used growing up and mom found me this one for my first tree the year Wayne and I got married.


1128 019


The Charlie Brown tree.  This tree is in one of the guest rooms and holds all of those lovely ornaments that we made in childhood.  Tacky would be a kind way of putting it.


1128 003      1128 004      1128 005


Last but not least is the music tree.  This tree is in my home studio.  It holds all of my music ornaments that my parents bought me and those that my students have given me.  The first ornament pictured was given to me last year by my cousin who lives in London.  Every year they go to the Christmas markets in Germany and she bring me a new ornament at Christmas.  This is a hand painted bell.  The musical staff ornament was given to me by Wayne last year after Christmas.  He loves to find a sale and he found this Baldwin piece for 1/2 price. 


So there you go.  There are lots of other trimmings around the house and of course the house is decorated outside but I thought I’d share my trees with you.  Hopefully you have enjoyed seeing how I spent part of my Thanksgiving break.