Musical Editions

The standard classical literature is produced in dozens of different volumes by different publishers. Some of it is good but some if it is just dreadful. So here are my top 3 picks for good editions.

1. G. Henle Verlag- Urtext- these editions are pretty much the best around. Being an Urtext edition there is no additional editing. What the composer wrote is what you get. The draw back to these editions is the price. These books are expensive.

2. Dover Publications- these editions are very clean and are reasonably priced. These are great for students.

3. International Music Company- good quality editions with very clean page layouts. These also are a little on the expensive side but they do have a wide ranging catalog for those hard to find pieces.

Now, my bottom 2 picks for editions.

1. G. Schirmer- this company has a wide ranging catalog at reasonable prices. However, the editing is just dreadful. Excessive amounts of fingering and dynamics make it difficult to know what the composer actually wrote.

2. Alfred Publishing Company- I dislike these editions from an editing and aesthetic standpoint. The editing is very good and accurate but the sheer volume of it is staggering. All the gray shading and endless notes are very visually distracting. These editions are musically sound and would be good for the independent adult musician.

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